La Paz


Okay WOW. That’s my first impression. My flight was okay and went by rather fast. Kevin picked me up from the airport and we took a taxi to our hostel. Marius was still in Kevin’s room because he didn’t leave until noon and the hostel staff guy did not want to let me upstairs so I had to buy an overpriced (still not much) room for myself to sleep from six in the morning to eleven o’clock. Our hostel isn’t the nicest at all and our “neighbours” keep giving us these weird looks. Smiling at them does not help nor make them smile. But there’s a bed and warm water and toilets.

La Paz is an incredible city. Not nice with pretty buildings but in some way I like it. There are only micro buses and taxis on the streets, which honk more than they blink and they drive as if they were the only ones on the streets. It’s crazy here. There are so many kids and each one is just so adorable. I would take one but Kevin said that’s not okay. We walked through the city and to my suprise Kevin knew his way around taking all these different shortcuts. I was lost but he always found our way home. What I really like is their market. Beautiful colors and bags and clothes and you guys can be sure all your souvenirs are coming from here ;). Then later we went to a view point thingie hoping to see more of La Paz. Wasn’t what we had imagined but still pretty cool.

For me just arriving in a new and unknown country La Paz is too much for me. Too hectic and too many people and I thought I was gonna be run over every time I crossed a street. I can’t wait to get out of the city and see Bolivia’s amazing landscapes and meeting new people who smile back at you. But for sure La Paz is a city you will never forget.

So tomorrow we might die. We are going down the World’s Most Dangerous Road aka Death Road. We get all this cool equipment, big helmet and cool bikes. Got my GoPro with me so hopefully we’ll get some good footage. Very excited about tomorrow.

Then Saturday we might go to Valle de la Luna because our bus to uyuni doesn’t leave until 7pm.

So much to my first day in Bolivia :).

One thought on “La Paz

  1. Well if you survive El Camino de la Muerte then no more reasons not to go biking with your dad :o) Safe travels and watch for pyscho truck drivers.


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