“World’s Most Dangerous Road”


If La Paz was WOW than yesterday was WOW WOW! We got up at eight an bought a sandwich from a local Bolivian woman. Then we got picked up in a minibus to ride down the Death Road. We started in the snow at 4700m and it was just beautiful up there. Quiet, calm and pretty blue sky. Our bike company “Vertigo Biking” and about three other company’s were getting dressed and informed about the day. We were a group of sixteen.

At first the road was paved so just a normal street road where we could speed and pass all the other slow groups :). Then we went on to the Death Road. No more snow there. It’s a place called the Yungas and it looks like a jungle at 3500m. On your right side there was a wall/ mountain but to your left it drops down several 100 meters. The road is no longer smooth but rocky with bumps and big rocks. But that didn’t stop anyone. We rode down like maniacs. Kevin had a race going on with this French guy and he went so fast that other “normal” bikers got mad at him and yelled at him. Then we arrived at 1200m.

The ride itself was amazingly fun but even more impressive was the scenery throughout the ride. Beautiful valleys that sometimes reminded me of Ticino, a Swiss canton. The ride down was supposedly a dangerous ride, which it was. Twice I was a bit too close to the edge. But the actual death road was our ride back home. We actually took our minibus back up that road that wasn’t ever any wider than 4m. I was sitting on the right side to everytime I looked down I looked down several 100 meters. I was holding on not only so I wouldn’t keep falling off my seat but I was mainly just holding on for my life :). But I loved it. Some people would be scared or just irritated that the ride was so bumpy but I just couldn’t stop smiling. I was so happy it was just so much fun.

It was such a great day, we had so much fun. And finally I got to meet new people. Everyone was really nice and it was fun talking to others and hearing where they have been and what they have done.

Today we slept in. Our hands hurt from the bike ride. weird. We just went to the market, bought some souvenirs and passed time until our bus left to Uyuni at 7pm. We’re taking the night bus and should arrive the next day at 7am. Then we spend the day in uyuni looking for a good agency for our 3-day Salar de Uyuni tour.

La Cumbre
The Yungas
The Yungas
Death Road
Death Road


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