Salar de Uyuni & The Lagunas


The night bus to Uyuni was interesting. Kevin and I had front row seats, which felt like a roller coaster. I thought the bus was great. Our seats were much more comfortable than on an airplane.

We arrived in Uyuni at 7 in the morning and went to a hotel and slept there for a while until we woke up and booked our three-day tour to Salar de Uyuni and the Lagunas. Uyuni was very empty, windy and cold. We didn’t want to stay there any longer than we had to and we couldn’t wait to see the amazing salt flats and lagoons.

We had a Toyota Land Cruiser and a driver called Alberto. He was a good driver and guide. We were a group of six people. Two French hippies and two Romanians. First we stopped at the train cemetery then drove on to Salar de Uyuni. The salt flats are amazing. It seems like it goes on forever and we had beautiful weather. In the middle of the flats there is a little island called Incahuasi, which is covered with cacti. We spent the afternoon on the salar and then went to a salt hotel where we spent our first night. After leaving the salt flats you encounter a landscape that looks like the bottom of the ocean.

The salt hotel is made entirely out of salt. The walls, our chairs, the table and even our beds. There we met Bolivians and the little girls loved our cameras. Kevin gave them his smartphone to play games and we both gave them our cameras to play with. I tried showing them how the camera works but they didn’t really care and in the end they were not happy that we wanted our cameras back.

The next morning we got up early because we had a long ride ahead of us. We drove for hours and it was just beautiful. The landscapes and colors kept changing. We were far away from any kind of cilivization. Just pure breathtaking nature. There weren’t built streets just paths from previous cars driving through there. The road was often very bumpy, rocky and fun and to your side there were numerous mountains, hills and volcanoes. Also the further we went the colder it got. The second day we went to see this special rock and the Laguna Colorada. The Laguna is this reddish orange color, very large, beautiful and full of flamingos. We saw all kinds of beautiful sights. Then as is got dark we went to another hotel next to the lagoon. This hotel was extremely cold and again we met Bolivians. A little girl called Erica wanted to play Yahtzee with me but I can’t speak spanish so I couldn’t actually explain the game but I just let her role the dice and then I rolled them. I kept writing random points down for her and let her win in the end. She was happy and proud of herself.

On our last day we saw Geysirs and the Laguna Verde. It seemed like our driver was in a hurry because some people went on to Chile while others returned to Uyuni. It was also extremely cold at 4900m. We then got to enjoy the views again on our 7 hour ride back to Uyuni.

We got to see these amazing landscapes but not only by daylight. We saw sunrises and sunsets and the way the light hit the mountains differently was simply beautiful. It was one of the most incredible sights I have ever seen and I will never forget it’s beauty.

In Uyuni we got the night bus back to La Paz. There weren’t any showers on our tour so we started to smell and Kevin of course had to take off his shoes on the bus. It wasn’t the most pleasant ride. We arrived in La Paz early in the morning the next day and hopped on the next bus up to Copacabana by Lake Titicaca.

We are now in Copa and we love it here. We have a nice and comfortable hostel with our own bathroom and a view of Lake Titicaca. The sun is shining and it is finally warm again. We ate by the lake and we have decided we will spend two nights here. The lake looks like the ocean and it finally feels a bit like summer. We’ve been moving and travelling a lot these past days so we just want to at least stay at one place for two nights. Tomorrow we want to walk across Isla del Sol.


Salar de Uyuni

Laguna Colorada


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