Kevin and I were both very excited about going to Cuzco. Kevin had already been there once so he knew where we were and how to get to places. We did however have a bit of difficulties finding a hostel when we arrived. The hostel we wanted was full so then we ended up staying at Kokopelli, which I liked very much.

In Cuzco we booked our trek to Machu Picchu (The Salkantay Trek) and did a little souvenir shopping at the market. Cuzco is just full of tourists, which is a bit sad because it’s an architecturally beautiful city. Every step you take you have people asking you to check out their tours to Machu Picchu or asking you if you want a massage. I got really annoyed by that and started responding in a rude way.

One day we also went to the San Pedro market. Shops are packed next to eachother. First you have clothes and bags and then you enter the food section where you casually pass pig heads and raw chickens. It was all a bit freaky but interesting because it’s so different from what we’re used to.

It’s very crazy here in South America. One night we ate at this “more expensive” restaurant and so we started thinking. The waiters at that restaurant are considered very successful. So we were eating and then noticed a homeless woman right outside the restaurant begging for money. The extreme differences here are so close and they’re everywhere. We were eating at our fancy restaurant and couldn’t eat it all and right outside there was a woman with no food. I don’t like just handing beggars money so we packed up our food we couldn’t finish and gave it to the woman outside and she was so grateful to us.

Cuzco itself is beautiful and you feel comfortable but again way to many tourists. But I still liked Cuzco because I didn’t feel foreign there :).

Now I got to start warming up for our Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu for five days!!

Plaza de Armas


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    1. Yup I sure did. I didn’t order my own, I just tried a tiny bit but don’t worry I won’t come home and start grilling guinea pigs ;).


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