I had been getting sick ever since Machu Picchu so by the time we arrived in Arequipa I was sick and I used the opportunity to recover from our trek, rest, not move and lay in bed all day. Kevin and I had a room with four beds and a private bathroom all to ourselves.

I didn’t get better so I went to the doctor and it turned out I had a bacterial infection in my stomach. I was just extremely weak and couldn’t walk for more than 5 minutes. So most of the time I spent in Arequipa was laying in bed. When I did have the energy again Kevin and I walked around and went to the movies.

As soon as you step out on to the streets you see the volcano El Misti. It’s incredible. He seems so close and majestic. He has the typical volcano form with snow on top. Such an incredible view walking through the streets of Arequipa.

The further I travelled the more I noticed the western influence. In Arequipa I felt it a bit more than the other places I’ve been to so far. They had a big mall with a big supermarket and American fast food chains. I don’t like that so many places in general lose their countries authenticities, charm and culture to western customs.

Arequipa was still okay compared to Lima. It has a nice main square and nice architecture. I also didn’t notice many tourists at all.

We wanted to do the Colca Canyon Trek for three days from Arequipa but we spent so much time doing nothing and getting better we didn’t really have time left. So we decided to move on to Lima.




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