I was excited to be at about 40m above sea level for a change. I was excited to be by the beach and finally experience a bit of summer. But I was disappointed by Lima. The sky was always cloudy and I was actually cold. I originally wanted to stay two weeks and go to a language school to learn some spanish and meet new people since Kevin was going back home to Switzerland. But plans change. I did sign up for language school for a week but took private lessons because all the groups were already too advanced.

After our first night in Lima I lost Kevin. He didn’t like the hostel so he just checked out and I haven’t seen him since. So ever since Lima I have been travelling alone. It was weird being alone at first because it happened so fast and wasn’t supposed to happen yet. I didn’t really know what to do. I was very bored. I just went to school, walked around, went to the movies and took a few photographs. I was alone and unhappy so I changed my plans. I wanted to leave after that week, go back to Arequipa and do the Colca Canyon Trek. And on the way down I would stop in Paracas and Ica to do some sandboarding. I was excited to move on.

On my last night in Lima I actually did meet someone: an Israeli who slept on the lower floor of the bunk bed. We went to the movies and afterwards we went to this really cool park full of different fountains. It was really beautiful especially because it was dark and all the fountains were lit in different colors. I was glad I had met someone to spend time with. It comforted me and gave me hope that I would meet new people. And I did.  I met two Australian girls on the bus to Paracas.

Lima is a crowded place and too western for my taste. If it weren’t for the darker skin tone of the Peruvians and the Spanish everywhere you wouldn’t be able to tell that you are still in Peru. I was often reminded of California and all I wanted to was visit our family and the sunshine up there. I just started missing everyone very much in Lima and so I was happy to leave and excited about the next places I would see.


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