Ica – Huacachina


We booked a sandboarding tour with our hotel, which started early in the morning. Riding in the dune buggy through the sand and over hills was so much fun. It went quite fast and we went over some jumps. The ride from the hostel to the first sand hill in the dune buggy was the most fun!

Our boards were crap. We got candlesticks to wax them. The boards wouldn’t really slide down. They were always kind of stuck and it wasn’t smooth. I had imagined it more like snowboarding and that I would just glide down the dunes. Standing up and “boarding” wasn’t really working out for me so I decided to just slide down on my board and butt. It got pretty fast so I wanted to brake. BAD IDEA. My mouth, eyes and everything was full of sand. So I never tried to brake again.

The tour was okay. It was definitely fun to try out and experience but I wasn’t happy with our tour offer. Our driver just drove us to a hill, which we could go down a couple of times and then drove us to one huge dune and then that was it. Nothing was explained and the tourguide or whoever that one man was never really excited us.

Michelle, Leah and I spent the afternoon by the pool and had some great lunch before we had to separate. Unfortunately they went to Nazca and I went to Arequipa. But we did the math and maybe we will meet up again at the end of my trip in La Paz. I had a really great time with them and I’d love to see them again.

Ica and Huacachina were not what I had expected. I thought Ica would be really small like Paracas but it was actually quite big and developped. I imagined Huacachina as this beautiful natural quiet oasis with few houses/ hotels. It had streets and a lot of hotels and restaurants and it was very noisy. I think they want it to come across as this touristy party oasis.

Me, Michelle and Leah trying to be starfish (and I think failing at it)
Michelle doing good and Leah falling


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