Islas Ballestas & Reserva Nacional de Paracas


Paracas is super small. Just a little fishermen’s town.

As mentioned I met two Australians, Michelle and Leah, and they had a reservation at the same hostel I wanted to stay at. So we walked there together and shared a room.

For the next day I had a tour booked to see the Ballestas Islands and the National Reserve of Paracas. I had to get up early for the boat tour around the Ballestas Islands. The boat ride was fun but unfortunately it was cloudy. First the boat stopped to get a look at the Candelabra, which is like the Nazca lines. Something that looks like a Cactus “carved” on a hill. Then the boat continued around the Islas Ballestas. It’s these large rock formations that erupt from the sea, covered in bird poop. The islands were full of different birds. One bird is called the Peruvian boobie :). We also saw penguins and seals. And that was the tour :). I felt kind of dumb sitting in a boat full of tourists and snapping all these photos but I am still glad I did it. Sometimes the poop smelled pretty bad but the islands themselves are actually very interesting. Oh and I also loove penguins and seals.

To the national reserve you have to take a bus. The reserve is pretty big and it was fun because Michelle and Leah ended up on the same bus. The national reserve was very beautiful and by that time the sky was blue. Hills of sand and the coastline were stunning. Light brown cliffs and below the blue ocean water. We kept on driving to a lunch place by the ocean and the beach there was red. It was extremely windy at the reserve and the whole tour went by pretty quickly. I was glad to have seen all that though because it was very beautiful.

Paracas showed me a different side of Peru. The coast of Peru not (yet) ruined by massive hotel structures and shopping malls. Just a beautiful natural coast.

After our day of tours Michelle, Leah and I took the bus to Ica. Actually we went to the oasis in the sanddunes right next to Ica called Huacachina.

Islas Ballestas
Reserva Nacional de Paracas
Reserva Nacional de Paracas


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