Santa Cruz de la Sierra


Santa Cruz… Love the name but not too impressed by the city. We stayed at a too expensive hostel but it was close to the main plaza. The breakfast buffet was incredible and that’s also where I got my money back. Best part about the hostel is that a toucan named Simón lived there. We didn’t really do anything special here: reconfirmed flight, booked my bus to Cochabamba, took a nap, walked around and went to the market. They love selling clothes and shoes. Santa Cruz is a very bustling city. The streets are filled with cars. The main plaza is big and very open. There are some trees and apparently you can sight sloths, which I kept looking for. The temperature was nice and warm, almost hot with clear blue sky.

The next day I slept in. Later we went to the museum of contemporary art for 20 minutes, that’s how small it was. It was interesting and free and that way at least we felt like we did something and saw something in Santa Cruz. Not much else to do here but sit in cafés. I even learned how to play chess and figured out that it’s actually not hard to learn and very fun to play.

Unfortunately these were the last few days I spent with Gareth. I was really glad I met him in Rurre and got to travel with him. The more time we spent together the more fun we had. He’s a very funny guy and has great stories to tell. On one side he can be very english reading books like La bête humaine or Sherlock Holmes while smoking and drinking coffee and on the other side he can be funny and silly while talking in a texan accent. I really enjoyed travelling with him.

Gareth left later in the afternoon. After saying goodbye I sat in a café waiting for time to pass so I could get on my bus to Cochabamba where I’d meet Michelle & Leah again. I was so excited to see them because we had so much fun the last time in Peru. I was so happy to be with people I already knew for the last few days of my trip.

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