My last day(s)


Went souvenir shopping. That day all of Bolivia had it’s “Bicycle Day” so no cars. The streets were filled with people and market stands, kids having fun and everyone in a good mood. It was quite impressive to see busy La Paz without any cars on the streets. It was so quiet and calm, so different. I’m glad I got to witness bicycle day. Souvenir shopping was tough. I kept walking back and forth until I finally had everything. I don’t really like bargaining so I was glad I wouldn’t have to do that anymore. Hope I got things for everyone. I packed my backpack to it’s fullest and was all ready to go home. And by then I was really looking forward to going home because I did miss my family and friends. And then that’s where it all went wrong. No need for details. Let’s just say my 63-day adventure turned into 64 days of not-so-much-adventure.

I love flying. I mean I hate that it’s so bad for the environment but the views you get from up there and the pure adventure of being up so high in the air is amazing. I flew from La Paz to Santa Cruz and because it was a national flight (I’m assuming) it didn’t fly too high. I travelled through Bolivia by bus and got to see it’s incredible landscapes but now I also got to see it from above! It was so interesting to see how the land changed from snowcapped mountains in La Paz, raging 6000m into the air, to the high jungle Yungas, to a more lower and flat jungle of Santa Cruz. Got some cool photos from up there. I love how different our planet looks from above!

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