First impressions of Singapore

The plane ride only seemed like a few hours which means I slept a lot. Good for me. As soon as we (and by “we” I mean just the pilot) prepared for landing I could finally see land and I immediately got excitement butterflies. Green land with broccoli-formed trees popping out of the ground. The shores are covered with sand and into light blue/turquoise water.  Different little lakes and rivers cut through the broccoli-land. For the next 40 minutes I stared out the window admiring the view.

For this trip my I told myself I wanted to use more public transportation like the locals and not cheat my way through cities with taxis just because it’s easier and more comfortable. So in Singapore I took the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) to the hostel. Easy peasy. I’m afraid to tell the Swiss but I think the Singaporean train system beats the Suisse system. Lights blink to tell you which side to get out on, AC so you’re never hot or sweating, a wonderful lady pronoucing each station correctly in several languages, etc.

At my hostel I met a nice german girl from Stuttgart. My original plan was to eat dinner and stroll around the city but then Audrey (German girl) told me she was going to go watch “Despicable Me” at the movies and as soon as I heard that I decided to join her. Pretty lame going to the movies on your first night in a new country but I couldn’t pass the opportunity to see the movie. My dinner contained a delicious box of popcorn accompanied by a bottle of rootbeer. That’s just what the American part of me wants.

After the movies we went into the core of Singapore (it rhymes). We got out from the underground metro system (mrt) and then you stand directly under these huge skyscrapers. I don’t think I’ve ever had to look up for far. We walked around along the Singapore river and the different Quays. Then we went to this view point area with the best view of that one special building. I don’t know the name but it’s three towers and on top it looks like someone slapped a fish on top of the towers. Next to the fish towers there were many other buildings with colorful lights. It was night time so the city was illuminated by all the different colors and shades of the buildings. Such diverse architecture in one compact space and each building coming across differently. And now of course something about the sky and clouds: With all the lights of course you can’t see any stars. The sky had a dark dark black/purple color and the clouds where brighter and whiter. There were clouds in the sky but otherwise no fog, just clear visibility. Through the cloudy sky and good visibility each building really stuck out and would’ve made great subjects for photography. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my tripod. But now I really have something to look forward to when I go back at the end of my trip.

I got a quick first glimpse of Singapore and I really liked it. Now I know I definitely want to spend a few days there later. It’s a great city/country with a lot to offer. It’s super clean (but no trashcans around, so weird) and also very safe. I feel very comfortable and secure in Singapore. Then they mix that with huuuge super malls and movie theatres like the U.S. has. They also have their food chains such as Pizza Hut, KFC and best of all: Auntie Ann’s pretzels. I seemed to always find a bit of America whever I go, even if it’s just food.

So that was my first night. Next stop: Bali.

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