I was actually cold at night. Never thought that would happen. I didn’t sleep much but I slept on the plane from Singapore to Bali. I love Bali’s airport. Their roof are brick pyramids, nothing like any other airport I’ve seen so far. Then we had to take a bus to the main airport part (I’m not very familiar with airport-slang). They dropped us off at this entrance/gate thing that looked like we were going to enter into a temple. Unfortunately inside was ugly and you have to pay for your visa. Fun over. Getting out the airport I got flashbacks of last summer. Tons of balinese dudes asking taxi?taxi?taxi? So I started laughing and bargaining.

Once I found my taxi driver who accepted my price we got into the cab. There was a large parking lot and each spot filled with taxis. And every other space a taxi could fit was filled with a taxi. I saw no way to get out of there the driver zig-zagged through the cars and cut infront of everyone else. He was probably the worst driver but he got there fast. I tried to make smalltalk with the guy but he had absolutely no interest. Probably because he wasn’t happy with my price.

Driving to the hostel was exciting. They drive on the wrong side like England. They have two lanes with a white line down the middle just like any other town but they must be white-blind because all they see is one big fat road where you can pass eachother however you want. Often the cars just drive in the middle over the line while passing two cars or motorcycles. And now on to the motorcycles. Well they’re fun! Now they follow absolutely no rules. When you stop at a light tons show up and gather in front of the cars and then scoot away like a bicycle gang. It made me smile.

The hostel is great. I feel it’s much easier to meet new people here or maybe I’m just trying to be more open this trip. I just went to the common area/pool and started talking to people. It was hot so obviously I went swimming aswell. Just kind of hung out at the hostel meeting new people my first afternoon in Bali. Then (and now comes a story which is more for my friends then family. So family: just skip this part) from 6-7pm we played a game. It’s called free beer from 6-7. BUT there are rules you can not break otherwise free beer ends. The rules are fun though: you can’t to go the toilet, you can’t pee your pants, your can’t wear diapers, you can’t use your phone (any kind of phone such as a mobile phone, cellular phone, hand phone, saxophone, xylophone, etc.), you can’t leave the bar and you can’t complain about tardy service.

Once the free beer ended we went to another place. We walked on the beach which seemed forever but it was my first contact with the ocean and it was beautiful. I could tell the water was a blue/turquoise color and way back you can recognize coral. The water’s very warm and not deep. We walked into three local fishermen. They were catching their fish with lasers. Very interesting technique. They caught one and I got to touch it. Then the others had dinner and I got to eat whatever they couldn’t finish. I didn’t have any money and apparently my bank cards don’t work at every machine. After dinner we listened to a local band rocking out to some good ol’ guns ‘n’ roses, AC/DC, Oasis and other classics. It was pretty funny.

The weather was great. It got hot in the afternoon but I cooled off in the pool and when we left for the bar the temperature was perfect. A couple of us walked there while others took the taxi. The walk was so cool to see a bit of Sanur. Oh yeah Sanur. That’s the place I’m staying at. It’s near Kuta but probably this means nothing to you. It’s in the South of Bali. So where was I… Oh yeah great weather bla bla perfect temperature bla BUT THEN walking home at night it just started pouring rain! It only lasted for a few minutes but it was so much fun. I love the warm summer rain.

So for my first day in Bali I wanted to meet and get to know some people so now I have new friends to travel and hang out with. It was a very fun and succesful first day. The fellow travelers seem much more relaxed and open than those in South America. I feel like there are more people traveling alone here and also it’s probably the summer tropical feeling everyone gets. It just makes you happy all the time.

So day two in Sanur started around lunch time since I needed my sleep. We went out for breakfast/lunch and then in the afternoon I walked around “town” (streets) and also along the beach and of course took photos. This was with Michael an English guy who’s also staying at the hostel. We then had a Mexican dinner at a Swedish restaurant in Indonesia. We got back to the hostel and then everyone went out for dinner so we joined and ate desert. The evening was so great because we were quite a large group and we got to know eachother and we talked about travel and life. There are always some very inspiring people traveling and I love to hear their stories.

My original plan was to go to Ulu Watu the next day and then on Monday go up to Ubud. Ubud is the heart of Bali with beautiful nature and a lot of art and culture. I met two Dutch who were going down to Ulu Watu (It’s almost the most southernest place of Bali) so I joined them…

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