Kim and I had planned on renting a scooter and explore some other beaches. but there were no more scooters available so we decided to go to Kuta (on the west coast about same height as Sanur). Kuta is the complete opposite of Padang Padang. It’s loud with cars filling up the streets and one shop after another. Our hostel though was beautiful, clean and new. It had a pool and cool colors. Our room felt like a 4 star hotel room.

Unfortunately when I got there I had some problems with my bank card so I lost an afternoon figuring out that problem (all is fine, I had just maxed out my credit card for the month. Oops). After that dilemma we went to the beach. We’re pretty sure it was Legian beach but you probably don’t care about that. Before you entered the beach area (the sand) you’re “greeted” by this huge gate-like thing. They look like beautifully ornamented bookholders. The beach was full of 2-3 rows of red and white umbrellas. Further down there was only sand without umbrellas or lounge chairs and that’s where we laid our towels down. The beach and ocean are like I know them from the US west coast. Actual real (big) waves and the dark blue color of the ocean. The only difference is that the water is much warmer on Bali.

It was quite impressive because standing on Kuta beach (or legian beach. Who cares) you can see the whole coast. We saw the airport and also Ulu Watu. Driving around for hours sitting in traffic everything seemed much further away but standing there everything suddenly seemed so close.

Most people don’t like Kuta and only go there at night to party. But I actually kind of liked it. At least during the day. The beach was absolutely great. Not too crowded and clean. And I enjoyed all the different shops or stalls each selling something else.

After the beach we took a shower and got ready to go out. It was my first chance to take a hot shower and I messed up. I turned the handle to the wrong side and once again had to take a cold shower. Oh well.but at least we got a clean fluffy towel. Oh how I had missed fluffy towels.

There’s this bar/club in Kuta called skygarden and everyone who’s been to Kuta tells you to go there so we thought we’d check it out. We walked all the way there for about 30min and now I could understand why some people (women) don’t like Kuta that much. Guys get very pushy and annoying and don’t listen to your No.

We ate dinner and then had a couple of drinks. We spoke to some locals that worked at a liquor store. It was fun because finally we could ask all our questions about their culture and religion. It was really fun. One guy (I had no chance of understanding his name) did two magic tricks with me. The first one was mind-blowing but then with a little help I figured it out, so mind-not-so-blown. But the second one was pure magic. Kim and I left our new buddies and went to skygarden. A huge place with a club area and bar area. It’s just your typical tourist club. But on the top floor there’s a roof bar part and that’s where we spent our night.

the next morning I slept waaay to long and went directly to the airport. So no more time to go souvenir shopping. Sorry dad.

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