Padang Padang

I lied… We actually went to Padang Padang and not Ulu Watu. PP (Padang Padang) is a bit further north than Ulu Watu but basically the same area. It’s funny because there is no real center. It’s basically just a street with restaurants and homestays. It took about an hour to drive from Sanur. I went to PP with Kim and Dimitri. We couldn’t find our hostel right away so Kim and I went for a little walk. We walked through this passage way/street but our view of the ocean was blocked. Then we turned around a corner and our jaws literally dropped. Maybe if you see a picture you know what I’m talking about.

There were these awesome homestays on the cliffs and few steps away from the beach but unfortunately they were all booked. There’s also a surf competition going on but they say “It’s on when it’s on” but it wasn’t on. We checked into another homestay and then went straight to the beach. It was fun because it was low tide so all the rocks were visible and the water barely moved so you could wander all around. The water was turquoise blue and the perfect temperature. Although it was a bit sad because the further out you went the more trash you swam into. I wanted to take all the trash with me but I feel like that would’ve been hopeless. But we stayed for quite a while, had a nice ice cold beer and watched the sun set.

Our walk back home was a bit trickier because low tide became high tide. The water covered our path home so we had to climb over big and very sharp rocks. Not the easiest thing to achieve with slippery flipflops.

We had dinner right next to our homestay (as there wasn’t much more). It was a really great surfer Mexican joint. Sunday night apparently is party night so we went to the party literally everyone else went to. In PP eeeveryone rode a motor bike. We also found out that that is the only way to get around since Taxis apparently don’t like showing up here. After quite a while we did finally get a driver to take us to this party. The location was stunning. Above the cliffs overlooking the ocean. We could just stand there for hours overlooking the ocean. Every single tourist was there and we met some interesting people. Apparently the new thing is to give up everything, move to Bali, have your own internet company and live in a villa with a bunch of people.

So I’m probably one of the more complicated travelers. I like the term spontaneous better. So as I am a spontaneous traveler and after spending a day in PP I fell in love with the place. I decided to stay longer and enjoy it just a bit more. So i got a taxi to Sanur (because that’s where I still had all my stuff) and then I got a taxi back to PP.

That day we fully concentrated on enjoying the beach. First the water was rather high up and looked completey different. To get to the beach it was quite the journey once again.

We laid on the beach and well lets just say my backside isn’t white anymore but it’s also not tan. I tried snorkelling but there’s nothing to see. Dimitri said he found Nemo but I don’t believe him. Then the tide went back and on the side of the beach along the cliffs all these rocks showed up. It was the perfect opportunity to get my camera and explore. It was amazing. I clicked away because all the views and colors were just so beautiful. Saw some animals but just funky ones that i don’t even know the name of. There was this very large cave (which smelled like sh*¥#%) and there were bats flying around in there. That was pretty cool. We then left the beach the easy way: by stairs.

In Ulu Watu there’s a temple we wanted to see for sunset. Of course it was full of tourists. When we bought a ticket we stood under this little roof and then a monkey ran by, grabbed a woman’s glasses off her head and ran away. Haha. You always have to watch out for your belongings because the monkeys just love it.

Thanks to Kim we came prepared with long pants. Everyone else had to wear a purple robe to cover their knees. All of us got a yellow band to tie around our waist. We then entered the temple site and reached the edge of the cliffs. The view was spectacular. 30m (or more) high cliffs dropping straight down into the ocean. Sitting on the temple railing were two macaques monkeys. One of them was soo chubby. He was adorable with his fat rolls and little boobies. Of course I started clicking away with my camera. I can’t help it, I love monkeys. There were a lot of monkeys everywhere on the temple site. I was so happy to finally see some monkeys. I could watch them for hours. The temple itself wasn’t very incredible. We also saw some people praying. I’ve decided not to take photos of people praying because I think it’s extremely rude and disrespectful. So many people were just clicking away with there cameras  and it just felt so impolite.

The temple site was quite large. Later we saw a monkey chewing on someone else’s reading glasses. Haha I loved those monkeys. But as soon as there’s a monkey (especially one’s with glasses or babies) dozens of people show up to take dozens of pictures. It was then I realised how this whole scene made me sick. The whole temple is filled with tourists taking photos of monkeys and people praying without really appreciating the art and the meaning of the temple. And I had done the same. So I then stopped taking my pictures.

After we left the temple we had some great satay spiessli and great corn on the cob. Then we had some real dinner and got ready for the full moon party at Padang Padang beach. The party would’ve been great but I was very tired so I just checked out the party and then went to bed.

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