A great passion of mine, as it is of many others, is photography. I’ve been photographing for a few years now (unfortunately not very consistently) and I’ve learned a lot already and wish to learn more and more.

I love travelling (well who doesn’t?) but what I look forward to most is getting the opportunity to capture new sites, cultures, landscapes and people. I get very excited, inspired and motivated about photography and hope to become more consistent with my work and become a better photographer.

While travelling through South America, Malaysia and Tanzania I always had my Canon EOS 550D by my side. I got to know the camera and the capabilities of digital photography but this past year I’ve been more interested in analog photography and fell in love with my new baby: Canon AE-1 program.

After collecting quite a few photos over the past years I now want to share them and hope to get feedbacks, comments and hopefully more knowledge. I hope you enjoy… 🙂